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In July 2016 I took a 3 day trip to Mexico with 2 friends where we taught kids how to surf. We were able to share our passion for surfing with these kids and it was amazing!

The Team

Several months ago my friend David from college messaged me on Facebook asking me if I would be interested in going to Mexico to serve at a church called Hope Chapel Rosarito and host a surf camp.

I immediately said yes along with another friend who’s name is also Luke!

David had set up a Go Fund Me account for our trip where we needed to raise $500 to pay for our housing, food, gas, and make sure everything else for the surf day was taken care of. Through sending personal emails and sharing on social media we met our goal in a matter of weeks.

We were suppose to have a team of 5 but 2 guys couldn’t make it last minute. Our small team of 3 met in Southern California on the morning of July 15th and headed to Mexico.

When we got down there we met the family and the rest of the team that runs the church where we were serving. They have been living down in Mexico for several years now so they were able to show us around and make sure we didn’t get into an trouble.

This family is actually related David, one of our team members, so that was really cool and everyone was so welcoming!

Our small team of 3 stayed at the Youth With A Mission (YWAM) base in Rosarito which is actually really nice. It was just down the road from the church and we could see the ocean from our room.

Not gonna lie, it felt like cheating and that we were just staying in a nice hotel.

The Purpose


The church, Hope Chapel Rosarito, primarily consists of families that have been deported from the U.S. and so many of them have had their lives uprooted and are going through difficult times.

This summer they decided to put on a surf camp event where kids from the church could sign up and then we would teach them how to surf.

The turnout was great, about 20 kids showed up and most of them got up on a surfboard. The waves were a bit challenging to learn on but the kids did great. It was so awesome to see them enjoying the beach and the waves down in Mexico!

For the kids that didn’t surf or only went out for a few minutes we had a variety of games set up to make sure everyone had a good time.

It was such an amazing experience for everyone, the kids were having a blast and I was too because I was sharing the joy of surfing!

I was also so thankful that no one got hurt and everything went as smooth as possible.

The trip was a complete success and we already have plans to do it bigger and better next year!

Other Experiences

<img class="aligncenter wp-image-20" src="https://lukebender.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mexico-mango.jpg" alt="" width="536" height="670" srcset="https://lukebender.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mexico-mango.jpg 768w, https://lukebender.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mexico-mango-240×300 special info.jpg 240w, https://lukebender.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/01/mexico-mango-135×169.jpg 135w” sizes=”(max-width: 536px) 100vw, 536px” />

Tacos, tacos, tacos! Seriously, we took full advantage $1 tacos. We went downtown Rosarito both nights we were they to get tacos!

The first night we were there we attended a small church where everyone gathered in a garage. This was a crazy experience because no one spoke English, besides the people we came with, and the homes people were living in were out of this world. It was the exact opposite of everything that I’m use to here in Southern California. After the church service we played some soccer with the kids on the street which was pretty cool (see in video).

Since the YWAM base was close to the beach and there was a surf spot just down the road we got to paddle out in the early morning and catch some waves ourselves. I’m not gonna lie, I was pretty scared because there was literally no one else out in the water. I’m so use to surfing in California where you paddle out with at least 30 other people in the water, so when you’re by yourself out there it’s a little freaky.

Coming home on Sunday it took us about 4 and a half hours to cross the border back into the United States. We’re never coming back on a Sunday afternoon during the summer again!


This trip has opened my eyes to using what I’m passionate to help people of the world! So many people told us that what we did was so cool because it was such a unique experience for the kids.

Our team is highly motivated to do this on a larger scale and bring the joy of surfing to many other parts of the world.

The trip really got me thinking about life and how there are so many amazing opportunities out there for all of us to do what we love and help others, you just have to think outside the box.

How can you use your skills, interests, and passions to help others in need?
I encourage you to figure out how you can use your passions in unique ways to spread joy throughout this world. If you learn how to do this you will truly have a transformational experience like we did!


  • Darren

    My friend’s sister owns a couple of houses down in Mexico. her husband is a mad keen surfer. I haven’t been there, but it looks awesome.

    Your surf trip and school in Mexico sounds like an awesome adventure. I’ll definitely have to try and get to Mexico one day. Whereabouts is Rosarito in Mexico?

    • admin

      Yeah Mexico is great but the border can be sketchy sometimes, lots of drug cartels. I’m not really sure exactly where. It was just off the main road about 30 mins south of the boarder.

  • Cathy

    Hi there Luke, kids especially those from the underprivileged need to be inspired by people like you so that they don’t see their challenges as limits but as opportunities for them to do greater things.

    Judging from some of the happy faces, I think you might have encouraged a kid or two to dream a little bigger and I hope you’ll continue to do this passionately in beautiful Bali. I love that place and hope to revisit some time this year.

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